Product Summary:  Chimney, Vent and Exhaust Ducting for Commercial, Industrial and Kitchen Ventilation Applications, including Generator Exhaust, Grease Duct and High Efficiency Heating Appliances

Metal-Fab was founded in 1959 on the idea that offering better products and service would be the key to their success. They began as an independent, privately-owned business and continue today with the same values. Metal-Fab puts people before profits. To help them grow and create an environment where work ethic and creativity will flourish. 

While Metal-Fab has enjoyed steady, stable growth, the goal is to control and direct growth without succumbing to the traits of the typical large corporation. “We guard our independence with the same vigor with which we promote it. Our independence is an important factor in the superior service we provide to customers. There is no bureaucracy to interfere with product development or customer service. We simply stay focused on the needs of our customers in everything we do”.

This philosophy has resulted in a leadership position with the industries served, offering a variety of customer benefits like: 

•100% order fill 

•Instant order confirmation 

•Patented products 

•Cutting-edge manufacturing systems 

•Customer-centered shipping logistics

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONWichita, Kansas