Michigan Air Products is a place that many call home, and we want to make it the best home possible.

Join Our Family. Make A Difference.

We believe in the power of hard work and a team-first mentality, where everyone is pulling for one another. As a family owned company, it’s important to us that the next generation of leaders and team members be as proud of this business tomorrow as we are today. The following five cultural core beliefs help us ensure that every present and future Michigan Air Products employee is happy and successful in their respective role.

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Freedom to Make Decisions & Learn

We work in a fast-paced environment where employees have the freedom to act autonomously and can see their impact on projects immediately.

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Prioritizing Values

We foster a culture of learning, growth and respect, and we seek out people who align with our company values.

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Growth Opportunities

We offer lots of opportunities for growth, and are committed to helping employees meet and exceed their career goals.

Work-Life Balance Thumbnail

Work-Life Balance

We’re invested in our employees’ happiness both professionally and personally, and strive to foster an environment that provides a fulfilling balance between work and life.

An Intersection of Engineering & Business Thumbnail

An Intersection of Engineering & Business

Our business crosses the boundaries of engineering and sales, creating a unique opportunity for those looking to gain hands-on experience and skills that serve a wide variety of purposes.

Employee Testimonials

“Michigan Air Products values work-life balance, treats their employees as their greatest strength and encourages growth.  Joining MAP in 1998 has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

Donna F., MAP IT

“In 20 plus years, not a day has passed that I have not shared a good laugh with at least one of my fellow employees.” 

Greg J., MAP Contractor Sales

”With an unparalleled group of in-house experts with decades of experience, MAP is the most complete supplier in the business.”

Ian S., MAP Contractor Sales

“Michigan Air Products strongly values its relationships with consulting engineers, contractors and end users. As a result, it’s important to us to make sure the job is done right rather than just done quickly or for the lowest cost.”

Jake H., MAP Engineering Sales

“At Michigan Air Products we work as a team to provide great customer service.”

Jessica H., MAP Inside Sales

“MAP is a family oriented business. Every employee is treated like family, whether you’ve been working here for 20 years or 20 days.”

Jon V., MAP Estimating

“MAP has quality personnel with extensive levels of experience. This makes it possible to tap all team members as resources to help customers.” 

Phil S., MAP Contractor Sales

“The owners are knowledgeable and fair. The employees are the best of the best in our industry. And the companies we represent are second to none.” 

Phil S., MAP Contractor Sales

“My role at MAP is very fluid, which I love. Inside sales incorporates estimating, sales, service, troubleshooting and training. Every day is different.”

Van J., MAP Inside Sales

“Through factory visits, live presentations from manufacturing executives, webinars, and other educational programs, MAP employees are thoroughly and consistently trained on all aspects of the industry.”

Venus J., MAP Project Management

Career Opportunities