It’s an exciting month for Price Critical Controls as they’ve rebranded to Antec Controls by Price. Seven years has passed since Price shipped their first order to Beckley ARH Hospital. Since, they’ve completed over 500 projects and completed a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and training center in Atlanta.

So, why the need for a new brand? The new brand of Antec Controls will clearly highlight Antec Control’s expertise in the space and will allow for more independence and growth. While operating under a new name, Antec Controls will not be changing their focus and priority of investing in the development of new products.

To solidify their focus, Antec Controls is launching a new Pace™ Critical Space Controller this month. This new product will simplify and reduce system commissioning time. A new full line of ES thermostats will be available as well, with available integrated motion and humidity control features.

We’re very excited for Antec Controls and the opportunity this allows our customers. To this day, one of our favorite projects was the completion of the Michigan State Police Forensics Laboratory. The lab is comprised of over 51,000 square feet and is used to provide controlled substance analysis, body fluid examination, and firearm examination. The project was made possible with Antec Controls venturi valves, water coils, lab room controls, and fume hood controls. Check out the full project details here.

Want to chat more about Antec Controls? Contact your Michigan Air Products sales rep and check out the new Antec Controls website.


Antec Controls Pace Controller

Antec Controls Venturi Valve