Spectrum Health Hospital Kitchen and Servery Renovation

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan Air Provides Intelligent Exhaust Upgrades for Massive Kitchen Renovation at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital

A renovation to a large kitchen in an operating hospital is a difficult design task and this project was no different. Challenging design conditions were solved by using a variety of Michigan Air Products equipment. Greenheck high plume lab exhaust fans (Model Vektor H) with UL-762 certification for restaurant exhaust allowed fans to be placed in a location that would otherwise trap and perhaps re-introduce cooking odors into the building. Low ceiling heights created problems with long horizontal kitchen exhaust duct runs due to pitch requirements.  The kitchen hoods were therefore provided with the "grease grabber dual stage filtration" system from Greenheck which removes 99% of grease particles above 3 microns eliminating pitch and cleaning access problems. Space in the kitchen was optimized by using custom designed front mounted utility cabinets on the hoods which allowed fire protection and variable volume controls to be factory installed and mounted in a space saving, compact factory package. Ductsox "kitchen sox" diffusers were used to help solve the problem of introducing large volumes of make-up air into a cramped space without disturbing hood capture. By creatively using Michigan Air’s broad and extensive product line, the engineer was able to solve many difficult design problems.

Michigan Air Products supplied a variety of unique commercial kitchen HVAC products on this project including Greenheck (Accurex) Type I kitchen hoods with variable volume controls, 2 stage high efficiency grease filtration and custom utility cabinets, a self cleaning kitchen hood, Vektor H high plume kitchen exhaust fans, ABB custom VFDs and DuctSox "Kitchen Sox" diffusers.

Project Summary
BUILDING TYPEHospital Kitchen and Servery
LOCATIONGrand Rapids, Michigan