The Godfrey Hotel

Detroit, MI

The Godfrey Hotel: Detroit’s Newest Hotel where Urban Styling Meets Comfort and Efficiency

Located squarely in the center of Corktown, one of Detroit’s trendiest neighborhoods filled with industrial-chic bars, intimate live-music venues, and hip breweries, the newly built Godfrey Hotel pays tribute to Corktown’s unique history while adding modern flavor. Featuring 227 guest rooms, a 5,100 sq ft grand ballroom, a dynamic food-forward restaurant named Hamilton's by acclaimed Detroit restaurateur, Samy Eid, and the city's largest indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge with retractable glass ceiling and walls, the Godfrey hotel serves as a unique destination for area residents and visitors alike.

The Challenge

The Godfrey Detroit, with its unique design and structural system, presents a distinctive challenge for the implementation of an HVAC system that seamlessly blends into the building's styling and provides flexibility and efficiency across its various spaces.

With 24-hour, 365-day operations, hotels are one of the largest energy consumers per square foot. Considering rising energy costs and the fact that HVAC systems account for approximately 40% of energy costs in hotels, many are placing more emphasis on choosing efficient HVAC systems that also provide the flexibility needed to maintain comfortable environments in a variety of spaces.

The Godfrey Detroit’s needs were no different. The hotel needed an HVAC system that provided unmatched energy efficiency while blending into the hotel’s handsome design.

MAP’s Solution

The Godfrey Detroit's need for a solution that provided precise temperature control in varied environments, flexibility, and quiet operation made the The LG Multi V™ 5 the perfect fit. The LG Multi V™ 5 VRF system is the perfect blend of form and function, featuring an expansive operating range that provides all climate comfort with continuous heating performance in ambient conditions down to -22°F and cooling up to 122°; a smaller and lighter weight design that reduces footprint and installation costs; Advanced Smart Load Control that proactively addresses the impact of pending weather changes ensuring optimal building comfort; Intelligent Heating Technology that works to prevent frosting and defrosts as needed rather than responding once frost has reached a preset point; and a biomimetic fan design that enables the unit to operate more efficiently and increase airflow while reducing the perceived noise level by 20%.

Considering the typical hotel spends approximately 6% of its total operating expenses on energy consumption, the The LG Multi V™ 5 became the obvious choice based on the energy savings provided by the system. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the The LG Multi V™ 5 VRF system moderates refrigerant flow based on demand, ensuring energy isn’t wasted, which is crucial for the energy efficiency of hotel operations.  

The Results

The Godfrey Detroit Hotel, as a new build, prioritizes maximum HVAC energy efficiency from the outset, however it’s critical to understand the energy savings provided by the LG Multi V™ 5 An analysis by LG Commercial Air-Conditioning compared the energy cost savings of the LG Multi V™ 5 to conventional HVAC systems in a traditional hotel setting in a 5A Climate Zone, the same zone as Detroit, Michigan. The study found that the LG Multi V™ 5 provided 42% energy cost savings when compared to three conventional baseline systems (Packaged Terminal Heat Pump, Four-Pipe Fan Coil Unit, Water-Source Heat Pump) under the same conditions, such as floor plans, occupancy schedules, lighting power density, ventilation, and envelope types.  

Offering enhanced energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and significant cost savings, the LG Multi V™ 5 is a compelling choice for hotels seeking to optimize their HVAC energy usage.  Learn more about the LG Multi V™ 5 and other VRF Systems by contacting Michigan Air Products.  

Project Summary
PROJECT TYPEHotel, Mixed-Use
PROJECT COST$75 Million+ Project
PRODUCTSThe LG Multi V™ 5 VRF System
OWNEROxford Capital Group
CUSTOMERRolls Mechanical
CONTRACTORThe Christman Company