Product Summary: Custom Air Handling products featuring packaged refrigeration and energy recovery.  High Efficiency Refrigeration featuring DX, WSHP, DEC, IDEC, Evaporative Condensing.  Energy Recovery technologies – Enthalpy Wheels & Flat-Plate HX, Heat pipes, Run-Around Coils.  Solutions for 100% OA / DOAS systems - Energy Recovery - Natatorium - Dehumidification – Waste Water Treatment – Industrial plants.

XeteX is a specialty manufacturer of energy recovery and heat transfer systems. Founded in 1985, XeteX has the intent to develop heat exchangers and their associated systems that would be appropriate for the expanding needs of buildings to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) while reducing energy costs.

XeteX engineers and manufacturers a wide variety of products ranging from a single inline heat exchanger module to complete units with many options and configurations.  Airflows can range from 80 CFM to large systems capable of handling upwards of 80,000 CFM.

With installations in many different applications (IAQ improvement, moisture control, industrial and process cooling/drying, mechanical waste heat recovery), XeteX has the expertise and the products to ensure that your next project is a success.

Aventus by XeteX provides Semi-CustomDOAS, ERV, AHU, RTU, MUA for commercial/industrial markets featuring Energy Recovery, Packaged Refrigeration, CW/HW, electric heat, and IDF heat.

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONMinneapolis, Minnesota

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