Product Summary:  Vibration, Noise, & Seismic Control Products

Mason Industries has been a leader in the field of noise, vibration, and seismic control for the past 70 years. Founded (and still run) by Norm Mason in 1958, the company rewrote the book on vibration control using engineering as opposed to the method of “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Mason has worked with countless engineering firm to produce specifications and products that meet the needs of the industry and solve the issues being faced as quieter, more pleasant spaces are being demanded even as the amount of equipment in the aforementioned spaces is increasing.

Manufacturing a wide range of products, from rubber snubbers, to flexible connectors, to concrete inertia bases, to springs, Mason can handle any vibration/noise issue.

In addition to vibration and noise management/elimination, Mason provides a complete seismic control product line. With several professional engineers on staff, Mason will analyze the project plans and provide a completely engineered package with stamped drawings and work with the installing contractors to coordinate the final installation.

As the unquestioned leader, both in product breadth and engineering capability, Mason is the clear choice for vibration isolation and seismic control.

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONHauppauge, New York