Product Summary:  Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems, Ductless Mini-splits, Air Cooled Heat Pump Chillers

Samsung HVAC was founded in 1998 to distribute Samsung products for the HVAC market in North America. After being acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2014, the company moved into markets other than the standard mini-splits, most notably, VRF.

Samsung leads the market in VRF capabilities from single module tonnage to pipe length run and controls capability. With dedicated service personnel and top notch training facilities around the country, using Samsung is the best way to guarantee a problem free installation and a heating/cooling system that functions as designed.

Not content with simply being the industry leader, Samsung continues to bring innovative products to the market such as their line of air cooled heat pump chillers, which can deliver either chilled or hot water and operate using the same VRF technology as Samsung’s proven DVM condensing units.

With a large network of trained representatives, Samsung is able to provide design assistance and field support at all stages of a project. This allows engineers and end-users to specify Samsung knowing thy will be taken care of throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONRoanoke, Texas