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The Smardt Chiller Group was established to maximize the customer benefits of the Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressor technology in chiller performance. Driving whole life costs of ownership way down, your Smardt chiller saves you money, year after long year, while reducing your carbon footprint, and making a major contribution to the future of the planet. Working with the Turbocor technology longer than any other HVAC manufacturer in the world, the Smardt Chiller Group has developed a lead in performance and reliability which translates into major benefits for owners – and the environment.

The heart of every Smardt chiller is its Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressors, which integrate rugged magnetic bearings systems with variable-speed drive, high-efficiency centrifugal compression and on-board digital electronics to achieve a revolutionary leap, a quantum leap, in part-load energy efficiency.

Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges - 60 tons through 2500 tons in water-cooled, 60 tons through 450 tons in air-cooled and 60 tons through 300 tons in evaporative-cooled.

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