Product Summary: Tri-Flex Loops (Pipe Expansion Loops), Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints, Pipe Guides

Founded in 1968 in Syracuse, NY, Flex-Hose manufactures products designed to handle vibration, thermal expansion, and other sources of external stress in hydronic piping systems as well as certain seismic applications (medical gas, fuel gas, etc.).

In addition to the standard pipe guides, flexible connectors, and expansion joints, Flex-Hose has pioneered a truly innovate product, the Tri-Flex Loop, which provides superior performance in flexible pipe loop applications by absorbing and compensating for multi-plane pipe movements simultaneously while eliminating the need for many additional pipe guides.

With an experienced engineering and design team in place to analyze projects, Flex-Hose is able to assist in piping layout and design, minimizing potential issues in the field an allowing the consulting engineers to focus on other portions of the design.

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONSyracuse, New York

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