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Product Summary: Underfloor Exhaust Systems, Overhead Exhaust Systems, Exhaust Fans, and Fume Capture and Filtration

Car-Mon Products, Inc. has been a leader in the carbon monoxide exhaust removal industry for over 60 years. The first known underfloor system to be used specifically for the removal of vehicle exhaust was designed in 1943 by Cornell Imming of O.A. Wendt Company, a Chicago heating and vent contractor. This system was designed for a new prototype Cadillac dealership that was to occupy the first two floors of a multi-story building.

Today Car-Mon offers overhead systems in addition to underfloor systems as well as exhaust fans and fume capture and filtration products. What started as an innovative solution to an exhaust problem has developed into a stand-alone manufacturing company that is still engineering based. They regularly design and build creative custom equipment for special applications as well as a ride range of standard products for vehicle exhaust, welding fume removal and dust collecting.

Manufacturer Summary

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