Source: Price Industries

Price SHP Diffusers Support Revolutionary Armstrong Ceilings DesignFlex System

One shape has dominated commercial ceiling design for decades: the square. We are almost always greeted with this basic shape, usually in various shades of white, anytime we look up at commercial ceilings. These squares are popular within the commercial interiors industry because of their practicality: they’re easy to install and incorporate into designs and their symmetry promotes a consistent and organized aesthetic. However, there’s been a huge attitude shift with ceiling design because white squares lack creativity. Building owners see the value of offering more productivity-inspiring and aesthetically satisfying spaces. Likewise, retail owners understand the importance of visual appeal in driving customer traffic to their stores.

Feeling this shift in the industry, Armstrong Ceilings, the industry’s largest commercial architectural manufacturer, saw an opportunity to drive innovation. They created their product, DesignFlex, and revolutionized the architectural industry. DesignFlex is composed of a variety of geometric shapes in various colors and patterns, so basic white squares aren’t the only option anymore.

Michigan Air Products is proud to represent, Price Industries, who partnered with Armstrong Ceilings during development of this product. Price created the Shaped Diffusers (SHP) geometric diffuser series for integration into DesignFlex ceiling systems. These 3-sided triangular and 4-sided parallelogram diffusers offer superior architectural design while meeting strict performance requirements. Shaped diffusers come with fully adjustable pattern controllers that can be field adjusted from the face of the diffuser to provide vertical, angular, or horizontal throw. You can find catalog pages, performance data, submittals, and product specifications to support this offering here.

This partnership allowed Price to enable Armstrong Ceilings to release a complete ceiling system. DesignFlex is changing the shape of ceiling design and allowing for an entire new branch of the commercial architectural industry.

Reach out to Michigan Air Products today at to learn more about the DesignFlex ceiling system, complete with Price’s SHP Diffusers. See how you can create an iconic space that makes a lasting impact!