Big news for our partners at Nortec!

The Nortec corporate name has been changed from Nortec Humidity Inc. to Condair Inc.

What’s this mean for you? The same great North American team and products backed by the global strength of Condair.

The Condair Group has been expanding over the last four decades worldwide mainly through acquisitions. This has given the Nortec team, in North America, great opportunities to rapidly grow the business with new products that were not available in the past. It has expanded both the engineering and production reach. Please note that while there has been a change to the Nortec corporate name, there has been no change in the ownership of the company or day to day operations, they continue as a company wholly owned by the Condair Group.

Michigan Air Products will be phasing in the new name and logo in our documentation and communications over the next couple of months. We will have a transition period into early 2019 when you may see instances of an overlap of the Nortec and Condair names.

Explore Condair’s full line of commercial and industrial humidification and evaporative cooling products¬†here.

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