Price Mechanical & DuctSox Joining MAP at CannaCon

CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events and it’s coming to Detroit this June. CannaCon’s mission is to drive success for those in the grow business. From cultivation and compliance to regulations, the CannaCon Expo aims to connect entrepreneurs and engineers who brave this new industry.

As experts in HVAC for the indoor horticulture environment, Michigan Air Products will be attending the Expo with our partners Price Mechanical and Ductsox. Price Mechanical (leading supplier of air handling products) and DuctSox (leading supplier of textile air dispersion products), will be in Booth 809 with the Michigan Air Products team to discuss optimum climate control as it relates to precise humidity, temperature control, operating costs, and crop health in grow facilities.

Featured products in Booth 809 include Price Mechanical’s GRW Indoor Horticultural Unit. The GRW is a proven solution for precise humidity and temperature control, specifically engineered for the indoor horticultural market. There are three major factors to maximizing crop growth and harvest yield: the indoor environment, lighting and fertigation. The GRW provides the superior climate control necessary to command the indoor environment, helping to produce the largest and healthiest crops at the lowest operating and life cycle costs.

We’ll also have DuctSox’s C-Series Fabric Diffuser, a drop plenum diffuser providing any application space with 360 degrees of even air dispersion. The C-Series utilizes DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore internal tensioning system eliminating any fabric flutter while maintaining the same appearance with or without air. The C-Series Diffuser features a 360-degree design of porous fabric with a unique pattern of directional openings. Each diffuser is engineered with a straight or 30-degree angled face and available in a variety of sizes to fit the air distribution needs of any space.

Traditional metal 4- and 6-way diffusers are limited by localized diffusers placed several feet apart, leaving inefficient hot and cold spots. In addition to outperforming most insulated metal designs, the C-Series Fabric Diffuser provides many added benefits due to its fabric construction, including a lightweight build and a 30 to 50 percent lower material cost than comparable metal diffusers.

A full Press Release from the Cannabis Business Times on the C-Series can be found here.

Will you be at CannaCon Detroit? Email to set up a time to chat with our team in Booth 809.