“The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”.” – Kamil Toume


Meet the talented, passionate, and fun individuals that make up the Michigan Air Products team.


  • MAP Team Member: Lee Borst
  • Role: Outside Sales
  • Office Location: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Top #JobLove Moment: Working at Michigan Air Products has provided a great quality of life for my family. My role offers flexibility that allows me to be a successful sales representative while rarely missing a moment with my kids. Michigan Air Products provides our customers with the best products in the HVAC industry and our team has a great relationship with our customers. We develop friendships leading to a successful relationship driven business.
  • Favorite Spot in Michigan: Anywhere along Lake Michigan where I can relax with family and friends. What other states have a lake shore filled with a sandy beach?
  • If they made a movie of your life, what would the title be? Would it be drama, comedy, or musical?: A mix of drama and comedy titled “The Crazy Six”. There were six guys including myself who did a lot of crazy things in high school and college, and now, coincidentally I’m a family of six.