Michigan Air Products is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new water saving technology for evaporatively cooled systems – the EVAPCO Water Saver (EWS).

The EWS utilizes capacitive deionization technology to remove unwanted ions in the make-up water, thereby allowing an increase in operating cycles of concentration to yield significant water savings.

And by significant water savings, we mean it. A school added the EVAPCO Water Saver to an existing air conditioning system and sees a savings of 1.5 MILLION GALLONS PER YEAR.

EVAPCO Water Saver Benefits:

  • Improves water efficiency by increasing operating cycles of concentration
  • Reduces blowdown and treatment chemicals sent to drain
  • Routine monitoring by EVAPCO authorized service
  • Low cost of ownership
  • 75-90% recovery rate
  • LEED points

Read more about the EVAPCO Water Saver HERE.