Customizable Airflow Solution for Data Centers

DuctSox Air Dispersion Products Recently Aided Involta’s Northpointe Data Center in Achieving Top 5% Efficiency Ranking

The data center industry has come to realize that strategic air dispersion, not more cooling volume is the secret to effective rack cooling, facility efficiency and minimal equipment failures. This realization motivated Involta LLC to collaborate with DuctSox to design an air dispersion duct that specifically aimed at solving air distribution challenges unique to data centers.

Traditional metal ductwork in earlier Involta locations fell short of delivering efficient and effective cooling even though there was sufficient CRAC capacity and room temperatures as recommended by ASHRAE standards. The main shortcoming was metal duct’s inherent high velocities resulting in turbulence that prevented electronic equipment fans to draw cooling into the racks.

The Solution

DuctSox’s directionally adjustable air displacement system that improves air dispersion, containment and energy efficiency while costing less than the metal alternative. As a result Involta’s facility is now recording an impressive 1.3 power usage effectiveness (PUE), which places it in the top five percent of efficient multi-tenant data centers nationwide.

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DuctSox for Data Centers

Targeted Air Dispersion

  • Exact airflow where it’s needed
  • Large volumes of air at low velocities

Temperature Consistency

  • Uniform inlet temperatures along entire cold aisle
  • Reduced strain on hardware
  • Energy efficient

Air Containment

  • Eliminate physical containment
  • Reduced entrainment of hot air into cold aisles
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For more information, contact your Michigan Air Products sales person or visit the DuctSox website.