Product Summary: Pre-engineered, insulated indoor & outdoor ductwork systems

Thermaduct provides high quality insulated ductwork systems to both interior and exterior installations. The Thermaduct family of pre-insulated products are designed to increase the efficiency of the application with higher R-values and lower air leakage, while at the same time increasing installation efficiency with lightweight duct systems that require no additional insulation or wrapping.

The duct system is available in a variety of thicknesses that supply R-8 through R-24 insulation value. While other manufacturers use tapes, adhesives and screws, which experience degradation over time, Thermaduct uses a patented heat or chemical welded seam to ensure impervious water and air integrity. Thermaduct’s rigid insulation core is protected with a 1,000-micron, ultraviolet stable, titanium infused vinyl cladding that withstands the outdoor elements with unmatched quality and durability. Products include outdoor rectangular and outdoor round and indoor round and indoor flat oval.

Manufacturer Summary
LOCATIONPerrysburg, Ohio

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